New Plymouth Bible Chapel has been involved in taking the good news of the gospel to others (both in New Zealand and overseas) for over 90 years. Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with people we associate with as well as others is important to us. We believe we are called to be Christ’s witnesses.

Presently we have three commended and supported partners serving overseas in cross cultural mission. Stephen and Monique Peacock and their two boys live in Elkhart in the USA. They are working with Son Set Solutions (previously HCJB Technology). Stephen supervises the machine shop and water monitoring projects, while Monique serves in the accounting department.

Phyllis has served God in India since 1957 and is still there almost 60 years later. Phyllis is engaged in a ministry that commenced as an orphanage but has over time increased its range of ministries to include schools (local language medium and English medium), a Theological College, a home for the Elderly as well as continuing to care for a large number of children and young people.

Sarah went to India in 2004 to support Phyllis in her work. Sarah has in recent years focussed her time working with children in the English medium school but is also very much involved in other areas as well.